Take our  Path s to the office.

Take our Paths to the office.

About us

Remember the time you spent with a loved one in front of a fireplace? Or the energy of a kayak trip? Or the peace of the calm sea? Nature produces extraordinary patterns in rivers, the sea, the clouds, in flames, that reach deep into the human psyche.

Artists, scientists and all sorts of enthusiasts and craftsmen across centuries and cultures have studied and benefited from such patterns. They form the basis of myths and human evolution. The ancient Japanese art of suminagashi and the 1950 Festival Fashion Group in London are just a couple of examples of how art and craft receive inspiration from natural fluid processes. And let us not forget the extraordinary popularity of Hokusai's Great Wave!


Chic with a Touch of Science.

Our  Rays  square scarf.

Our Rays square scarf.

Following this proud tradition, Efesto Designs aims to share the beauty of fluidity, as observed by 21st century science, through high-quality luxury scarves and other accessories.

In efesto, a team of designers gets together with scientists and engineers to create one-of-a-kind statement pieces. We trust nature to produce the most elegant and harmonious shapes and colours. Inspired by the world around us, efesto works with the best fabric providers and digital printers in the UK to produce unique accessories for you. Our silks are sourced carefully and the final product is suitable for daily use or formal wear.

Efesto is also producing clothing for yoga or sports, you can find these in our companion website (efestosports.com). Our activewear items are produced in Canada using durable, strong materials and low-waste processes.


For some more comments on how we work and who our suppliers are please see our Ethical Statement.