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A scarf is to a woman what a necktie is to a man, and the way you tie it is part of your personality.
— Christian Dior

We produce silk scarves with original patterns, inspired by natural phenomena or high-tech activities. Each of our patterns has a special story. We can also print our patterns on fabric for garment designers - just ask us. Our scarves are 100% silk and are digitally printed in the UK. We pick from Light Crepe de Chine, Light Satin, or Satin Chiffon, depending on the scarf type aiming to produce the best experience.


Our scarves enable innovations. The smaller ones could be used on a wrist, as a necktie, on a purse, or as an accessory on a garment, to give a few examples. The larger ones could supplement a dress or a suit, or could even become your only top. Your imagination is the limit. We have created a gallery from our professional models and some of our willing customers that could help you draw inspiration.

We also print some of our designs on strong polyester fabric, creating unique pareos (sarongs) for the beach or your evenings out. Typically, the size is 130x165 cm and can be worn as cover-ups, as a dress, a shawl. See some of our photos!

We print some of our more dynamic patterns on modern athleisure clothing such as yoga leggings and athletic tops; for those products, please visit our sister site.

We can also custom print our patterns on fabric for garment designers or home decor projects - just ask us. We would love to hear from dress makers! Please contact us at  info@efestodesigns.com.


An example of our Kaen collection.

Silk scarves and pocket squares

We produce pocket squares (33x33cm), medium, large and very large square scarves (60x60cm, 90x90cm and 120x120cm), and long scarves (45x180cm), that can be worn on a great variety of occasions in a huge array of ways. The material is 100% silk and the production is entirely performed in the UK.


Our athleisure Ambassador Lory (@livelaughlory) wearing our Flame leggings and top (photo by @fabian_fotografie).


Efesto's yoga leggings (long or capri) and athletic tops are printed and manufactured in Canada and are made of 12% spandex, 88% polyester. They are strong and you can wear them at the gym, for yoga, or at any other outing, day or night. To see more, please visit efestosports.com.

Our  Blue Flame  pareo.

Our Blue Flame pareo.


Feel like going to the beach? Don’t do it without an Efesto Designs pareo!