Ethical statement

Our scarves are produced entirely in the UK by our suppliers, The Silk Bureau Ltd. We confidentially transfer our designs to them, and they print, cut, and hem for us. They produce our scarves with digital printing, which minimizes waste of ink, water, and fabric. For some more comments on their processes, please visit the relevant pages on their website. Most of our scarves have hand-finished hem, which provides a smooth and beautiful edge. The Silk Bureau Ltd. abides to UK labour, manufacturing, and environmental protection regulations.

Our packaging is also produced in the UK by recycled material sourced in the UK or abroad. We minimize the use of plastic, but for protecting your product, we send it in a plastic envelope made of recycled material.

Our design process is done entirely electronically. It is based on original images from the scientific endeavours of various colleagues around the world and from proprietary hi-tech software that generates innovative patterns that are then finely adjusted by our designers. Hence, we consume electricity, which unfortunately is not yet carbon-free. However, the carbon footprint of the UK electricity is one of the lowest in the developed world and is steadily improving. We hope this effort will not stop.